Composer, conductor, and sound designer Taymaz Saba is inspired by the sounds of the nature and also classical composers Vivaldi, Beethoven, Bach, and film composers such as Nino Rota, Henry Mancini, Bernard Hermann and Ennio Morricone. Taymaz was born in Tehran and raised in an artistic family. He studied composition, conducting, and classical singing in France, England and Canada; finished his classical music diploma and conducting certificate at Capilano University  and studied Digital Audio Production / sound engineering at Langara College in British Columbia.
Travel to locations such as India to explore sound and music allowed him to experience Eastern musical pronunciation and texture first hand. He also has studied and worked in Iranian / Indian / African and Brazilian music traditions. While composing for film and television, he has written many choral pieces for church choirs and independent ensembles. Meanwhile he has also continued working in sound design / foley / location sound and also voice overs.